Turning Today’s Content Into Tomorrow’s Products – Presented by Stefan Rink, Shapeways

Turning Today’s Content Into Tomorrow’s Products – Presented by Stefan Rink, Shapeways, at the 3D Printing Content Conference, on October 4, at B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Shapeways’ factories focus on scalability of the 3D printing ecosystem that enables people to create the final products they want. With 10 million orders under our belt, Shapeways is at the forefront of leveraging the new ways consumers want to use 3D printing, moving away from individual parts and towards complete, finished products. We enable the hobbyists of today to become businesses tomorrow.

About Stefan Rink
As VP at Shapeways and partner at Past2 QRM Consultancy, Stefan Rink has 25 years of executive experience in building construction, IT, solar and 3D-printing. Being an expert in Quick Response Manufacturing, Stefan globally accelerated Shapeways high mix, high volume production, resulting in the shortest lead times in the industry.

About Shapeways
Shapeways is a creative community of makers, designers, and entrepreneurs using digital manufacturing (3D printing) to bring their ideas to the physical world. Designers can use Shapeways to manufacture products with complex designs in over 58 different high-quality materials and finishes—enabling people to expand their limits as designers and makers. The Shapeways Marketplace allows our creative community to explore entrepreneurship and inspire others to do the same. It’s also a treasure trove for discerning shoppers that value supporting independent designers.

About 3D Printing Content Conference

The 3D Printing Content Conference will take place on October 4, 2017, at B.Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It is a half-day conference (13.00 to 18.00) about the creation of 3D Printing content – design and 3D modelling software, distribution of content, 3D printing content as part of merchandising (gaming industry), 3D printing & Industry 4.0.

Speakers from Shapeways, 3D Hubs, FabZat, MyMiniFactory, White Lioness technologies, New State Of Matter / Endless Objects will be there to talk about these topics.

Program: https://www.3dcontentconference.com/program/

Price: € 145,- (VAT excluded) for regular attendees, € 85,- (VAT excluded) for students (limited no. of tickets)

Registration: https://www.3dcontentconference.com/register/

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