3D Printing, Quantum Computers – Quiet harbingers of momentous changes

3D Printing, Quantum Computers – Quiet harbingers of momentous changes – Interview with Hans Heerkens, Chairman Platform UCA (PUCA)

Hans Heerkens is a speaker at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, on November 23, 2017, at Avio Aero, Rivalta di Torino, Italy.

Far from the spotlight of the media, technologies are developed that can significantly change aviation – and society- especially when applied jointly. Two of them are 3D printing and quantum computers. Perhaps you do not think of aviation right away. But these technologies can profoundly change aviation, and may have a major impact on tomorrow’s world.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a technique by which an object is constructed in thin layers, as if a printer does not apply one layer of ink to paper, but layer after layer. The significant advantage is that more and more items can be manufactured wherever and whenever they are needed. This saves time and transport costs. Experiments are already conducted with 3D printing of food. In combination with nanotechnology, which can change properties of materials considerably, the possibilities seem unlimited.

From anywhere to everywhere

For the time being, airlines need not be afraid that the goods they are transporting will be printed where they are required, without need for transport. On the contrary; 3D printing can offer new opportunities for air freight operators. Read more

Image: pixabay.com